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How to remove the Christmas design from your Christmas Shirt.

Watch the video above or follow these simple steps.     We have provided a small tool to help you remove the design, please be very careful with this tool, it should be kept out of the reach of small children, please put it in a safe place when you open the shirt.    

When you are ready to remove the design, turn the shirt inside out so you can see the large black or white stitches which are holding the Christmas design onto the shirt.    Using the unpicking tool, or a sharp, pointed pair of scissors, cut through every 5th or 6th stitch around the design.    Turn the shirt back to the right way and the design will pull away from the shirt.    Return to the back of the shirt and pull away the remaining loose stitches.    You will notice a few red stitches, these should also pull away easily, or you can trim through one or two of them to make them easier to remove.    

Turn the shirt back to the right side and remove any remaining threads on the face of the fabric.  You may need to give the shirt a quick press or a wash.   Your shirt is now ready for wearing again with all traces of Christmas removed.    We hope you enjoy wearing the shirt over Christmas for a bit of fun and once the design is removed we are sure you will be pleased with your plain shirt for wearing throughout the year.