Are very large sizes available?   XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL - if you are looking for these sizes, we do offer a limited number of styles in up to 5XL.    Please search again using the format 3XL, 4XL or 5XL.     Here is a link to the men's T-Shirt styles that are available in sizes up to 5XL 

 Are polo shirts available with striped trims in colours not shown?    Yes.    There are a number of yarn colours that we stock which can be used to put a stripe in a collar or cuff.     There are many more yarn colours that we can obtain if there is an order for sufficient garments or if customers are willing to pay extra and are prepared to wait for us to obtain the yarn.    Contact us by phone or e-mail, let us know what colour trim you require and we will see what we can do.

Can I order by post and pay by cheque?    Yes, but only if you live in the UK and delivery is to a UK address.     Click on Postal Order Form.     The form will open in a new window, print the file/form out on a single sheet of A4 paper then close the window.    Complete the order form carefully, referring to the garment page on the site and send it to us in an envelope together with your cheque (which must be drawn on a UK bank). 

Can I order online without paying through PayPal?     Yes, if you prefer, from November 2017 you can pay without going through the PayPal payment gateway.     Select the garment/s that you want to buy and add them to cart.     Then click on "Checkout".    Fill in your Credit or Debit card details and your delivery details to complete your purchase.   You will receive an e-mail confirming your order within a few minutes. 

 Can shirts be made without the side seam branding tag/Union flag?      Yes, some customers prefer no visible branding on their garments.     Either just before or immediately after you place your order online send us an e-mail requesting that the garments are made without the small branding tag that we usually put in the lower side seam of each garment.   

Why can't I order more than 4 garments for delivery to a non UK address?     You can, but please order a maximum of 4 garments on any one order (the web site is set to allow a maximum of 4 items per order for international delivery).     There are size and weight restrictions for sending international parcels by post, so we may have to split total orders of more than 4 items into more than one package, depending on the total weight and dimensions of the packaging.    So, for instance, if you wanted to order a total of 7 items, please order the first 4 on one order, then place a second order for the other 3 items.     If we can send them all together in one package we will do and we will make an appropriate refund of any overpaid delivery charge on the second package.